Father and Son Watch Horror Movies

The family that gets scared together stays together…

…or so they say. Everybody loves some good father/son bonding time: playing catch, learning how to ride a bike, watching a grown man being slaughtered by a knife-wielding maniac. You know, the basics.

It is our firm belief that watching horror movies is the ultimate learning experience. Some parents have their babies listen to Mozart in hopes that they will somehow grow up to be geniuses. Some parents read Rostand to their offspring with the dream that their child might become the next big playwright. Others opt to show their youngsters horror movies… because what could be more useful than a library of serial killer survival guides?

Father and Son Watch Horror Movies is a monthly podcast where two generations of horror fans review, rank, and discuss movies that will make your skin crawl.

PICTURED ABOVE: The father and the son rocking Joe Bob Briggs tees.