What Lemmy Taught Me About Horror and Metal


When I was 18 I was working for a music publishing company in West Hollywood. I had a fake ID and the office building I worked in was across the street from the Rainbow Bar & Grill. I used to hit the place all the time because it was the place to be for metal heads at the time.

I went there for lunch all the time and I used to see the late great Lemmy of Motorhead at the bar. I finally got the stones to sit down with him. He was constantly drinking Jack & Coke and yet somehow never looked drunk. I have too much Kentucky in me to join him, so I opted for Jim Beam and Coke.

One evening when I was sitting next to Lemmy he asked me what my favorite album was and I blurted out “Appetite for Destruction.” He asked me, “You were 15 when it came out, right?” I looked around to make sure the bartender wouldn’t figure out my fake ID and blurted out, “yes!” He replied, “Whatever you think is cool at 15 is what you will think is cool for the rest of your life.” He was right.

At 15, I loved horror movies and metal. I still think that’s what cool.

By 15, I was convinced that “Psycho” was the greatest movie ever and that Guns N’ Roses was the greatest band ever and at 47, I still believe that. Who knew Lemmy was a prophet?

A few movies have snuck into my top ten since I had that conversation with Lemmy. I love everything from Jordan Peele, I love “Scream” and “The Blair Witch Project” but my top 5 is still dominated by the movies I loved when I was 15. Jesse, maybe Lemmy was a prophet.

Matthew Rawlings